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Today we have started the bathroom renovations of our 2 largest rooms.  These were the rooms with “bath spas.”  We are going to have them out of service for 4-6 weeks so we can totally revamp the bathrooms and hopefully some other parts of the room.  We are removing the old baths and replacing with a large double rose shower.  So, still great for couples and so much easier to navigate than the showers over the baths.  Stay tuned for more updates.  Due to be re-opened early March!


Tiles and vanity in. Next week the carpenters (that would be Greg and his brother Peter) will do their thing and then we can fit out with the shower roses, sink, toilet etc.

Update 13 March.  Still toiling away.  Day 40 with no days off!  Who is running the motel I wonder!?   Can’t wait to post the finished rooms with before and after pics!